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Sample Video (Introduction):

Each video discusses an important topic:

  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale—How sleepy are you?  Watch this video to see a questionnaire Sleep Experts use to assess Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, and differentiate it from fatigue.  If your score is high, you may have only seconds to get off the road before your brain shuts down and puts you to sleep, so remember—never drive drowsy!
  • Evaluation of Sleep Disorders—I’m sleepy but I can’t sleep?  How can I find out what’s wrong, and why can’t I just take a pill and make those problems go away?  Watch this video to find out how a real Sleep Pro evaluates someone with problems sleeping, and find out more about some of the complex tests used to do that.  And see why it’s not just about tests and pills.
  • Insomnia—Problems going to sleep and staying to sleep will affect nearly all of us during our lifetime, but it’s a chronic problem for some people and can lead to a massive decrease in the quality of life.  We used to think people with chronic insomnia needed to just “calm down,” and we used all sorts of techniques and drugs to help them do just that.  Sometimes we still do, but watch this video to find out some of the breakthroughs made recently in chronic insomnia, and they don’t involve prescribing just “one more pill.”
  • How To Get Cost-Effective Testing—Sleep evaluations can be expensive, but the wary health care consumer (we call them people who happen to be patients with problems) can find excellent evaluation and testing at a much reduced cost.  Watch this video to find out how.
  • Narcolepsy—This sleep disorder, with its severe sleepiness and cataplectic attacks, has been the butt of jokes for decades.  But for people suffering with this problem, it’s no joking matter.  Major advances in our knowledge of the cause and treatment of this sometimes crippling disorder have been made just in the last few years.  Watch this video to find out from a Sleep Expert what these advances are.
  • Parasomnias—Sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep terrors, and acting out dreams.  These are all types of parasomnias.  Sometimes they can be dangerous, and even harbingers of other diseases.  Watch this video to find out when these disorders need evaluation by a Sleep Expert.
  • Restless Legs and Periodic Limb Movements—People used to think they were crazy when their legs seemed to have a life of their own before they went to sleep.  Many of these people have movements even when they’re asleep.  These problems can be caused by other diseases.  Watch this video to find out which ones, and to find out from a Sleep Expert the latest thinking about these disorders.
  • SleepApnea and Sleep Breathing Disorders—We now know that sleep apnea can lead to stroke, heart attack, hypertension, worsened diabetic control, traffic and commercial vehicle accidents, problems with memory and concentration, fatigue, depression and anxiety, worsening of dementia, GERD, insomnia, attention deficit disorder, and worsening of epilepsy.  But we now know that even a milder form of sleep disordered breathing can lead to all sorts of problems.  Watch this video to see what sleep studies look like in these people, and why even mild sleep breathing problems can have such profound consequences.
  • Testing in Sleep Disorders—When is testing indicated to evaluate problems with sleep, and what are some examples of what you can find out if you do a sleep study?  Watch this video to see specific examples of problems you can find out with a sleep study, and why it’s so important to get a study done correctly.
  • Central Sleep Apnea—Not all problems breathing at night are caused by airway obstruction.  This is critical to know, because correction of Central Sleep Apnea can improve heart function in heart failure, and can lead to an increased quality of life for these patients.  And problems breathing can also be caused by obesity.  Watch this video to see specific examples of these disorders, and why treatment of central sleep apnea can be life-saving in these disorders.
  • Circadian Rhythm Disorders—Many functions in our bodies are controlled by the clock in our central nervous system.  When our timing is off, then our performance and our bodies are off.  This can happen when we cross time zones, with Jet Lag, but our clocks can be off in many other disorders, as in sleepy teenagers who can’t think when they have to get up early.  Watch this video to find out when one of these disorders may be controlling your life, and what you can do about it.
  • CPAP—The breathing machines we love to hate.  But these simple breathing machines, now increasingly silent and controlled by complex computers, can improve your quality of life if you have breathing problems when you sleep, such as snoring and sleep apnea, like almost nothing in this world can.  Watch this video to find out why.


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  • I have insomnia.  What causes it and how do I treat it?
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  • I'm not depressed, but I'm tired.  Do I need antidepressants?
  • What about shift work problems and jet lag?
  • I snore, my legs jerk, and I have high blood pressure.  What's wrong?
  • I act out dreams.  What's wrong?
  • How can I save money on a sleep study?
  • I’ve got headaches.  Can sleep problems make them worse?

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