Doctors have only a few minutes to spend with each patient.  In these videos Dr. Rowe will show you what is important to tell your doctor and why   .

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Sample Video--New Way of Thinking about Neck and Back Pain--Surgery Is Never the Final Answer!

Each video discusses an important topic:

  • Why So Many Tests for My Low Back Pain?—You need several different types of tests to help your doctor find out what’s really causing your low back pain.  Why, and what are they?
  • Why Back Surgery Can Sometimes Be A Really Bad Idea--Non-emergent back and neck surgery are rarely necessary.    Surgeons aren't bad people.  Some of my best friends are surgeons.  But they like to operate, and I like to show people how to avoid them unless they really need them.
  • Cost Effective Testing—The tests you need to help your doctor find out what’s really causing your neck and low back pain can be very expensive, but there are ways to get that testing, yet save a great deal of money.  How?
  • Levator Scapulae Problem—A small muscle can cause a lot of problems.  It is the key to most neck pain.  What is it, and why?
  • Low Back Anatomy—The low back is an amazing machine, engineered to last a lifetime.  Most of what goes wrong can be explained by using the back wrongly.  Surgery can’t fix that, and too much surgery is done for low back problems.  Watch this video to learn a few principles to help avoid surgery, yet find out the cause of your low back pain.
  • Why So Many Tests for My Neck Pain—Your neck is one of the most complicated structures in your body.  It has to rotate and bend, and articulate with your skull.  Many factors can worsen neck pain.  Watch this video to find out what these factors are, and what you need to do about them.
  • Neck Anatomy—Our modern lifestyle involves doing most of what we do everything in front of us, and even when we exercise, sometimes we perpetuate that abnormal movement pattern.  Watch this video to find out why, and what we can do about it.
  • Bulging and Herniated Discs—Doctors use this language all the time to describe back abnormalities, but what do they mean.  Are they serious?  Do you have to do surgery for them?  Watch this video to learn how doctors think about these problems, and how you should think about them too to avoid surgery.

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  • How do I know if my back pain is serious?
  • What causes neck and back pain?
  • What tests do I really need?
  • How can I get those tests cost effectively?
  • How do I avoid surgery?
  • Can't I get relief from a pill or gadget?

Tough questions.  And hard to answer.  Most of what you'll read on the web is just plain wrong.  Most of what you see on infomercials is just plain wrong.

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You need unbiased, reliable medical information you can trust.  You need information from a source who is not inside the network of a hospital system, from someone who does not want to sell you a pill or expensive gadget for your feet or knees, and who does not want you to keep coming back for treatments.

That’s how our site can help.

In the many videos in the Neck and Low Back Pain section of our site, Dr. Rowe, a board certified neurologist, a non-surgical medical specialist, also with certifications in MRI, EMG, and Sleep Medicine, discusses the most common causes of neck and low back pain, and how a neurologist, a medical specialist, diagnoses and treats these disorders. 

Dr. Rowe will help you learn how to talk to your doctor.

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