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Sample Video (Introduction):

Each of the videos discusses an important topic:

  • Headache Emergencies—Several headache symptoms are worrisome and require urgent medical attention.  Watch this video to find out some of the ones that do.
  • Cost-effective Testing—Prices for doctor visits and MRI’s and other testing vary widely among providers, as much as 4X!  Watch this video to find out how to get the most cost effective treatment and testing for your headaches.
  • Migraine from 30,000 feet—The migraine cascade has three basic phases, and each is treated differently.  Watch this video to learn what these phases are, and how each can impact your headaches.
  • Primary vs Secondary Headache—Several problems can cause worsening or severe headaches, even in people with migraine.  Watch this video to find out what some of these problems are, and how they can be evaluated.
  • Tension Type Headache—This is the most common headache disorder, but it can become chronic and can be present even in patients with migraine.  Watch this video to find out how these headaches are defined by headache doctors, and when you need to be looking for something else causing headache.
  • Secondary Headache—Sometimes headaches come “out of the blue” in people without a history of headache, and people worry about a brain tumor or hemorrhage.  Watch this video to learn whether these are likely causes of headache, and some of the other causes of headache that need to be ruled out when headaches come out of the blue.
  • Recurrent Facial Pain—Various types of facial pain are sometimes mistakenly diagnosed as headache, but are really Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias, and other types of short lasting headache.  These require a different type of evaluation.  Watch this video to find out the characteristics of these types of head pain, and what you need to do about them.
  • Medication and Non-Medication Treatment of Migraine—Major advances have been made in the last two decades in the treatment of migraine.  These medications are expensive, though, and not for everyone.  Also, non-medication and herbal and supplement treatments for migraine can be used, though they are not FDA approved.  Watch this video to find out more about the medication and non-medication treatment of migraine.
  • Medication Overuse Headache—Sometimes the medications we use to give us relief from headache, even prescription medications, actually make our headaches worse.  Watch this video to find out how this can happen, and how to avoid this common complication of migraine therapy.
  • Chronic Drug Treatment for Migraine—Sometimes avoiding the obvious triggers for the migraine cascade just does not work, and daily medication use must be started to “put out the fire” while the true triggers are being identified.  Find out what these medications are, and how they are used in this video.
  • Neck Problems and Migraine—Sometimes neck problems or injury can be a major trigger for migraine.  Watch this video to find out why, and what you can do about it.
  • Jaw Problems and Migraine—Sometimes TMJ can be a trigger for migraine.  Watch this video to find out how, and what you can do about it.
  • Summary—The treatment of recurrent headache is never easy.  The headaches themselves can be mis-diagnosed, and common triggers are frequently ignored by non-specialists, and even specialists, in the evaluation of worsening headache.  Headache is one of the most common reasons for diminished quality of life in our society.  Take back control of your life!  It will be worth it in the long run.


  • What causes my headaches or triggers them?
  • Do I have a brain tumor? Should I get an MRI?
  • Should I restrict my diet?
  • Can't I just use a headband or helmet?
  • What kind of headache do I have?  Is it Migraine?
  • My headache has changed.  Is this an emergency?
  • I have headaches every day.  Do I have to live like this?

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